You have to love “hot take” season. All sorts of “rumors” and fake news are out here in heavy rotation. With the Bengals, you have to learn that if it doesn’t come from in-house or the local media, more than likely it’s not legit. To be fair, in the report linking Jeremy Hill to the Eagles  clearly stated that it was a “bold possibility“. This obviously was pure speculation on behalf of the reports that the Bengals could look at a running back early in the draft and due to Hill’s recent struggles.

If you’ve actually paid attention, the Bengals front office and coaching have done nothing but support Jeremy Hill. Marvin Lewis stated on in February that he is still betting on Hill to continue to make progress and move forward. Marvin Lewis also applauded Hill for playing hurt through shoulder and knee injuries last season. Duke Tobin also recently spoke about Hill to the media and stated that he didn’t believe Hill’s struggles were solely on Hill.

Giovani Bernard is currently rehabbing from an ACL tear

Another reason the move wouldn’t make sense is due to the current state of the Bengals roster. Hill and Giovani Bernard are currently the only running backs on the team. With Gio recovering from a knee injury, Hill will definitely be the main back next season even with a rookie.

The Bengals also allowed Rex Burkhead to leave in free agency which was yet another indicator that they still believe in Hill. Geoff Hobson says that the coaching staff didn’t have faith that Burkhead could be the every-down back in the NFL. On one of my previous podcast, I also pointed this out as well.

The Bengals rarely make trades during the draft and by rarely that almost means never. Again, I strongly caution that you take rumors with a grain of salt. With all of the points made, it’s almost obvious that Jeremy Hill will be in stripes next season for his contract year.

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