If you haven’t checked out my post on the Bengals first round analytics, be sure to check it out here. After reviewing the first round data, I decided to create an analytical big board for the Bengals. This board is purely based off of the correlations found during my research. Each player is listed and analyzed below.

Analytical Bengals Big Board

  1. O.J. Howard, Alabama, TE

    Howard checks all of the boxes. He has the similar body size of Gresham and Eifert, played in the SEC at Alabama, and is 22 years old. The only thing is ninth is ahead of the average position pick for the Bengals which is normally in the twenties.

  2. Rueben Foster, Alabama, LB

    The Bengals have drafted two players from Alabama in the first round with Andre Smith and Dre Kirkpatrick. Even at 230, Foster matches up in size with former Bengal Keith Rivers which was 235. Foster’s height may hurt him, but he has the average position pick, age, and college conference on his side.

  3. Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin, OT

    The Bengals could find themselves entertaining another offensive tackle in the first round. Ryan Ramczyk is similar in size to Cedric Ogbuehi, played in the Big Ten and meets the age of 23. The Bengals also drafted former Badger Kevin Zeitler in the first round as well.

  4. Leonard Fournette, LSU, RB

    Fournette is a tough one to gauge. The only running back selected in the first round in the Marvin Era has been Chris Perry. Although Fournette is heavier than Perry by twenty pounds at 240, he is 22 years old and played in the SEC. One concern is that Bengals don’t value the running back position highly. Everyone remembers the nightmare of how the Bengals traded back three spots with the Rams to pick Perry instead of Steven Jackson.

  5. Mike Williams, Clemson, WR

    The Bengals selected AJ Green fourth overall in 2011. Wide receiver is the second highest position the Bengals have ever selected in the first round. At 22 years old, Williams should appeal to the Bengals. Williams is similar in size to Green, but the Bengals have never taken a  player who played in the ACC in the first round. Don’t read too much into the conference because it didn’t play a factor last year when the Bengals picked William Jackson III. If they Bengals do go receiver, I would bet on it being Williams.

  6. Derek Barnett, Tennessee, EDGE

    Barnett is extremely interesting. He is nearly the same size of former first rounder David Pollack who was selected 17th overall in 2005. Barnett checks every single box except for his age at 20. It will be interesting to see how much the Bengals will use Barnett’s age against him during the process.

  7. Solomon Thomas, Stanford, EDGE

    Solomon Thomas also has a similar build to David Pollack. Another positive is that he played in the Pac 12 conference. At 21 years old, Thomas would be out of the norm agewise for what the Bengals go for and would be in the same boat as Barnett.

  8. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State, CB

    Like Thomas and Barnett, Lattimore would be considered underage by the Bengals. If the Bengals look past his age, Lattimore could be in consideration if the Bengals did consider a corner in the first. They’ve selected five corners in the first-round during Marvin’s tenure. The fact Lattimore played in the Big Ten as a corner should also help his case to be taken.

  9. Cam Robinson, Alabama, OT

    Cam Robinson is very similar to Andre Smith who the Bengals selected sixth overall in 2009. Like Foster, he has the Alabama and SEC thing going for him as well. The only thing bad for Robinson’s chances would be his age at 21.

  10. Forrest Lamp, Wester Kentucky, OG

    The only other offensive line position taken in the first round by the Bengals has been a guard. Lamp is similar in size and is the same age Kevin Zeitler was when he was drafted. The only issue is nine could be pretty high for the Bengals taste for a guard and they’ve never taken a player Conference USA in the first.

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