With the draft coming up, I’ve decided to take a look at the historical data of Bengals first round picks. This piece will highlight the average pick, position, age and more of players drafted under Marvin Lewis.

Average Pick By Position

The first chart highlights the average pick by each position. With the ninth pick, things could get quite interesting. History tells us that wide receiver (4), linebacker (9), offensive tackle (13.5) and edge rusher (17) all could be in consideration with the ninth selection.

Average Age By Position

The next chart shows that the Bengals are quite particular about the age of their first-round selections. The Bengals have targeted players between the ages of 22-23.

College Conference Pie Chart

The third chart breaks down the conferences of each first round pick. At 40%, the Bengals have favored taking players from the SEC in the first-round. The Big Ten comes second with 27%, while the Pac 12 is third with 13%. Notably missing is the ACC.

Drafted Position Percentage

The final chart is the most important. It breaks down the percentages of the only positions taken in the first round. Obviously, we don’t need this graphic to tell that the Bengals love their first round corners. Tight end and offensive tackle both next at 13% while all other positions tie at 7%. You may also notice that the Bengals have never drafted a center, defensive tackle or safety in the first round. You can check out the Bengals’ big board based off of this research here.


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