Do It For The Culture…

Former Bengals receivers Chad Ochocinco

CULTURE. This word is literally everywhere! Thanks, Migos! But it brings up a big point in this Bengals offseason. What is the Bengals culture? For years, the Bengals have been known as the team that gives a second life to players with off the field issues. From Ochocinco and Terrell Owens to Pacman Jones and Vontaze Burfict, the Bengals have taken in these players that most teams wouldn’t even look at and made them into quality NFL players.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones

I love the fact that Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis and the rest of the Bengals front office take chances on players. We were winning games and it was great. But then, we plateaued. Awesome regular seasons followed by four years of first round playoff losses. The last one hurt the worse because we as fans saw our risky players mess it all up! Now, Adam Jones is back in the news for his off-field behavior. Earlier this week Mike Brown expressed his loyalty to Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. Despite his string of run-ins off the field, Mike Brown is still down for his veteran CB. But what is this doing for the culture of the Bengals as a team?

Dallas Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones

There are two men in the NFL who hold the title of GM and owner: Jerry Jones and Mike Brown. They both are loyal guys who stand by their sometimes troubled players. The difference between them? the culture. Though Jerry has stood by some troubled players in his past (i.e Michael Irvin), he has three Super Bowl rings!

I see nothing wrong with loyalty and giving players a second chance, but if it doesn’t come with playoff wins and Super Bowl appearances, what’s the point? The loyalty only takes you so far. So, Mike Brown, it’s time to change the culture of the Bengals locker room. Be loyal to those players who can turn this team into a playoff winning and eventual Super Bowl appearing one! Stop wasting your time being loyal to players who aren’t giving you the opportunity to win the big games. Do it for the culture, Mike!!

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