After bringing you our first analytical look at the Bengals’  first-round draft trends, we decided to take a look at the draft as a whole through seven rounds. Some of the findings were extremely helpful in shedding light in the direction the Bengals may take in the draft

Bengals’ Highest Round Selection Average By Position

This chart takes into account the average of the highest round that the Bengals have picked a particular position within the Marvin Lewis era.  The Bengals’ main needs this year are at DE and LB respectively. Other needs are running back, receiver, tight end, and offensive line. Tight end is second highest with an average of 3.0. This could mean that O.J. Howard may be in consideration for their first pick. Linebacker could also be addressed in the early rounds (1-3) with an average of 3.3 as well as guard and running back as well (3.8, 3.7).

Bengals’ Highest Round  & Pick Average By Position

The next graph illustrates the Bengals average of the highest round and picks based off of history. With an average pick of 77.8, the Bengals could look to address the corner position in the third-round with their 73rd pick. With the 116th fourth-round compensatory pick, the chart says the Bengals could target a running back. At 153 in the fifth-round, the Bengals could take a safety like they did in 2012 with George Iloka.

Bengals’ Draft Round High & Low By Position

The following chart presents the draft round ceiling and floor for each position. The highest a center has ever been taken is the fourth-round and although the Bengals have been mocked to take a defensive end in the first round, the data says the second-round may be more ideal.

Bengals’ Draft Pick High & Low By Position

The last graph looks at the draft pick ceiling and floor for the Bengals. At ninth, linebacker is interesting because it is the same pick the Bengals own in 2017. Sixth is the next closest to where they’ve picked and they used that to select an offensive tackle.  Fourth is the third closest in which the Bengals selected wide receiver AJ Green.  Stay tuned for more draft trends in the future and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and New Stripe City podcast for even more Bengals draft data.

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