For those who aren’t aware, Prime was released for purchase yesterday. Today we will be previewing the top five draft prospects who fit the Bengals draft mold. We’ve listed the top five graded prospects projected to be taken in the first round below.

To see the full list of DL rankings and access the full draft guide (PDF), you can purchase Prime here for $5.13.

1. Derek Barnett, Tennessee, RDE/SLB | Prime Grade: 4.85

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Derek Barnett, a player who has been linked to the Bengals, reigns supreme at #1 according to Prime. In the previous rankings, Allen had the slight edge over Barnett. A change of the guard occurred when the Bengals traded for pass rusher Chris Smith. At 262 pounds, Smith was a change from the typical size the Bengals covet at edge rusher and since Barnett is 259 pounds, this helped him out. Barnett’s versatility, production, and durability make him the defensive lineman option in the first round.

2. Jonathan Allen, Alabama, RDE/NDT | Prime Grade: 4.78

Jonathan Allen comes in at #2 and is a great fit for the Bengals at right defensive end and nickel defensive tackle. Allen could be utilized similar to former Bengal Margus Hunt with a role at both positions. Allen would be an absolute nightmare with Dunlap, Billings and Atkins. One advantage he does hold over Barnett is his age (22).

3. Taco Charlton, Michigan, LDE/RDE | Prime Grade: 4.72

Taco is a near Carlos Dunlap clone and although nine may be high for him, he could potentially end up the pick here. What separates Charlton from Barnett and Allen is the fact he has the size to play both defensive end positions. Lack of consistent production and some questionable injuries would be the only things that would worry the Bengals.

Myles Garrett, Texas A&M, RDE | Prime Grade: 4.72

As the consensus number one pick, we won’t even waste characters on Garrett.

Solomon Thomas, Stanford RDE | Prime Grade: 4.67

Thomas rounds out the top five and is somewhat of an awkward fit for the Bengals. What hurts Solomon’s lack of size and position versatility limit him to strictly right defensive end for the Bengals. At 273 pounds, he is even smaller than reserve defensive tackle DeShawn Williams who weighed 284 pounds several years ago, so he wouldn’t be able to swing between defensive tackle and defensive end. Thomas barely played defensive end in college. To his credit, Thomas is durable and was worked out by the Bengals during his Pro Day.


This wraps up our top five Prime list for first-round projected defensive linemen. There’s a good chance that any of these linemen could be in play at nine, but Prime reveals the most likely option. The Bengals have never taken a defensive end in the first-round during the Marvin Lewis era. Should they choose to wait until the second round, prospects such as Jordan Willis, Tarell Basham, and Demarcus Walker are fits for those rounds according to Prime. If you’d like to know how the complete overall and positional rankings measure, be sure to purchase Prime today!

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