Round 1: John Ross, WR, Washington | Projected Round: 1st

Summary: Dear NFL: Good luck. Ross is arguably the most electric player in the draft and adds a dangerous dimension on offense.

Prime: 3.94

Grade: A


Round 2: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma | Projected Round: 2nd-3rd

Summary: The Bengals passed on Dalvin Cook due to a Bengals-Vikings trade that netted them another 4th round pick. The Bengals drafted the extremely talented but controversial Joe Mixon. Mixon was widely considered a top 15 talent and is another elite weapon expected to have a role on offense.

Prime: 4.89

Grade: A


Round 3: Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State | Projected Round: 2nd

Summary: Like Ross in the first, the Bengals broke away from their traditional size preference with the selection of Jordan Willis. Wilis boasts excellent college production, athleticism and played in a 4-3 defense in college. He can make an immediate impact improving the Bengals’ pass rush from the RDE position.

Prime: 4.06

Grade: A+


Round 4: Carl Lawson, SLB/DE, Auburn | Projected Round: 2nd

Summary: Easily the steal of the draft. The Bengals pick another stud modern day edge rusher in Carl Lawson. A strong leader and SEC product, Lawson is expected to contribute early as well. He’s battled injuries, but that is expected to be behind him.

Prime: 3.47

Grade: A+


Round 4: Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee | Projected Round: 4th

Summary:  Although the Bengals Twitter account was shaky announcing the pick, the front office made sure to snatch another speedster in Malone. Malone follows suit with the size preference and could push Cody Core and Alex Erickson for their respective roster spots.

Prime: 4.94

Grade: B


Round 4: Ryan Glasglow, DT, Michigan | Projected Round: 4th

Summary: Glasglow has the perfect size for the defensive tackle position for the Bengals. Glasglow had good production in the Big Ten and could push Brandon Thompson or Deshawn Williams for a final roster spot.

Prime: 4.94

Grade: A


Round 5: Jake Elliott, K, Memphis | Projected Round: 6th-7th

Summary: The first kicker picked in the Marvin Lewis era. Much needed after the abysmal seasons of Mike Nugent. The Bengals decided to pick Elliott over Zane Gonzalez due to his kickoff ability. 

Prime: 4.44

Grade: A+


Round 5: J.J. Dielman, C, Utah | Projected Round: 4th

Summary: Most experts were critical of the Bengals’ lack of urgency addressing the offensive line. The Bengals picked a potential placement for Russell Bodine and guy that can play multiple positions. Dielman is yet another great value pick.

Prime: 4.48

Grade: A+


Round 6: Jordan Evans, LB, Oklahoma | Projected Round: 5th-6th

Summary: Evans is more of a coverage linebacker, but could look to have a role on special teams. He is another athletic option at linebacker.

Prime: N/A

Grade: C+


Round 6: Brandon Wilson, CB/RB, Houston | Projected Round: 6th

Summary: Wilson displays the versatility the Bengals covet. He would seem to be a special teams player and could be the heir apparent to Rex Burkhead’s special teams void.

Prime: 4.50

Grade: B-


Round 7: Mason Shreck, TE, Buffalo | Projected Round: N/A

Summary: Bengals take a flyer on a tight end who will likely complete for a practice squad spot.

Prime: N/A

Grade: C

Conclusion | Overall Bengals Draft Grade

The Bengals absolutely killed this draft. I loved the sense of urgency and the talent picked. The Bengals were not afraid to stray away from their traditional preferences. They had one of the best drafts in the NFL.

Overall Grade: A+



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