Quiet, but Powerful

Quiet leaders are powerful. They focus on action instead of words. They generate excitement, encourage ownership, and develop loyalty in unique ways. Quiet leaders earn the respect of their team, display confidence, and are open-minded. These are traits that A.J. Green has displayed during his tenure as a Bengal and prove there’s nothing wrong with being a quiet leader. Green is unquestionably the best player on the team,  but yet has never been named a captain. With his work ethic and becoming more vocal as a leader, it’s clear that Green should be named a captain for the upcoming season.

With Andrew Whitworth moving on to the Rams, a spot opened for leadership on the team. Although Whitworth was known as a leader, to the outside world most have viewed Andy Dalton and A.J. Green as the quintessential leaders of the Bengals. His 2011 draft-mate Andy Dalton became a captain in 2015 and now it’s time for A.J. to also receive his embroidered “C” patch.

Leading By Example

Green has been the franchise player for the Bengals ever since he was drafted in 2011. His first reception was a touchdown and he has since assaulted the Bengals’ receiving record books. Green is known as a humble, hardworking player raised by a blue-collar family. He has always let his play do the talking and has led by example during his tenure. Green has never missed a session of OTAs and hasn’t had any spats with coaches, unlike his predecessor Chad Johnson. He has set a great example for many young Bengals players now including second-year wide receiver Cody Core.

Media Manager

Not only is Green a great player on the field, he is also a model citizen off the field. He has never had off-field issues, has given back to his hometown Summerville community, and is hosting a local youth camp in Cincinnati on June 9th-10th. He is constantly professional in interviews with the media and gives great answers to tough questions. Green has taken up for Andy Dalton, Pacman Jones, and even the entire Bengals organization publicly. Marvin Lewis challenged Green to be more vocal this off-season and Green responded with voicing his honest opinions on free agency and the draft. It’s clear that the Bengals heard his advice loud and clear after one of the most talented offseason hauls in recent history. It’s clear that Green deserves to officially be made the leader that he clearly already is. Green should also be able allowed to continue to lead his way: quiet, but powerful.

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